Some Information About the Products We Use

Performance De-Grease Shampoo

– Professional dog degreasing shampoo for oily coats
– Perfect for dogs prone to oily, very dirty coats for a deep clean
– With citrus to help break down grease
– Contains vitamins A and C to rejuvenate the skin and coat
– Clean and fresh tangerine & grapefruit fragrance

Performance Detangle Shampoo

– Detangling shampoo for professional dog groomers
– Contains a slip agent that loosens knots when combing
– Use regularly on problem coats
– Luxurious wild rose fragrance

Performance Scissoring Prep Shampoo

– The perfect shampoo to enable accurate, crisp scissoring
– Rejuvenates hair without over-conditioning
– Fresh lime fragrance

Performance 2 in 1 Shampoo

– Makes brushing out after bathing easy
– Perfect for fine, double and wavy coats
– Fruity red berry fragrance

Performance Deep Clean Shampoo

– Professional dog grooming shampoo that cuts through dirt and grease
– Strong and effective deep cleaning formula for squeaky clean pets
– Removes product build-up
– Does not over-condition hair
– Cool and fresh peppermint fragrance

Performance Shine-On Shampoo

– Professional dog grooming shampoo to add shine and vitality to coats
– Conditioning shampoo that moisturises the skin and coat
– With nourishing coconut that gives hair a glossy shine
– Excellent for most coat types
– Pina Colada fragrance

Performance Strengthening Crown Coat Shampoo

– Hair strengthening shampoo for professional grooming use
– Deeply nourishing and creates a lustrous shine
– Contains pure royal jelly, supporting good coat health
– Perfect for lack-lustre, thinning or blown coats
– Light, fruity fragrance

Performance Medicated Shampoo

– Professional medicated dog grooming shampoo for problem skin
– Deep-cleaning so ideal for greasy coats and coarse coats
– With astringent, antibacterial Tea Tree
– Promotes healthy skin and coat
– Tea tree fragrance

Performance Calming Shampoo

– Professional grooming shampoo designed to calm dogs down
– Ideal for anxious, stressed dogs that dislike the grooming process
– Enriched with relaxing lavender
– Leaves the coat clean and fresh-smelling
– Therapeutic lavender and mint fragrance

Groomers Evening Primrose Shampoo

-Conditioning shampoo for dogs
-With Evening Primrose Oil
-Nourishes and soothes dry, itchy, sensitive skin
-Great for double coats and curly coats

Groomers Performance Shampoos

We have selected these shampoos because they have been made with professional dog groomers in mind. Each one is designed to combat a particular issue that we might come across on a day-to-day basis, making the hair more manageable so we can get the best results possible for your dog. They all smell amazing too!