Please use the following as a guide to the treatments available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me to discuss your particular requirements and for prices. Please note that charges may change slightly depending on behaviour, coat condition and coat type. A final price will be given to you on drop off or pick up.

Kindly make yourself aware of our policies surrounding seasons/operations, payment policy, cancellations and no-shows  by reading our Terms & Conditions.

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Fortiscorde Wash and Go

This package includes two washes with our top of the range Parisian shampoo and conditioner. Followed by nail clipping and ear cleaning. A great option for maintaining a clean shiny coat.


Wash & Blow Dry

(1.5 hr Treatment)

Fortiscorde Dry Cut

This package includes a clip and style to your choice without a bath.
Please note; Dogs will need to be dry and fairly clean for them to have this package.


Suitable for: All breeds of dogs.
Dogs which are nervous in a grooming environment will benefit from this as it only takes up to an 1.5hour and it is reasonably quiet for them, without the hairdryer.

Full Clip & Style Without Wash

(1.5hr – Treatment)

The Full Fortiscorde Experience*

This complete holistic package includes two washes with our top of the range Parisian shampoo and conditioner, followed by the cut and styling experience with our highly accomplished Head Groomer.


Suitable for: Long-haired dogs which are due a groom. Also short-haired dogs which need a scissor trim.

Wash & Blow Dry, Full Clip and Style

(2hr – 2.5hr Treatment)

Fortiscorde Puppy Introduction

Up to 20 weeks / 5 months old

Includes: wash/blow dry, nail trim, eye & ear clean, pads & paw tidy

(2hr Treatment)

Interested in puppy training? Check out our Fortiscorde Brand page and visit Fortiscorde Gundogs. (N.B not suitable for toy or terrier breeds)

Optional Extras

These services can be booked separately or alongside another treatment
(30mins – 1hr Treatment)

Ear Cleaning
Teeth Cleaning
Nail, Clip & Spritz
Sanitary Clip
Pad & Paw Trim
Face Tidy

Other charges which may apply ;
Flea Charge
Dematting* Charge

*Dematting will only be carried out on your dog if it is suitable to do so without causing any pain and discomfort for your dog. If your dog is too matted your dog will have to be shaved down to prevent any discomfort. An extra charge will be added to your groom for shave off. This is to help towards the up keep and Maintenance of the equipment, as matted dogs can cause the equipment to become very blunt quickly.

Recommended Grooming Intervals (by breed)

BREEDRecommended Grooming Intervals
Alaskan Malamute6 – 10 weeks
Beagle6 – 8 weeks
Bearded Collie6 – 8 weeks
Bedlington Terrier6 – 8 weeks
Bernese Mountain Dog6 – 10 weeks
Bichon4 – 6 weeks
Boarder Collie8 – 10 weeks
Boarder Terrier6 – 12 weeks
Boxer8 – 12 weeks
Bull Dog8 – 12 weeks
Cairn Terrier4 – 8 weeks
CavaPoo4 – 6 weeks
Chihuahua6 – 8 weeks
Chow Chow4 – 6 weeks
CockaPoo6 – 12 weeks
Cocker Spaniel (Show)6 – 8 weeks
Cocker Spaniel (Working)6 – 8 weeks
Collie – Rough6 – 8 weeks
Dalmatian8 – 12 weeks
Dachshund8 – 10 weeks
Bogue De Bordeu8 – 10 weeks
English Setter6 – 12 weeks
Fox Terrier6 – 10 weeks
French Bull Dog8 – 12 weeks
German Pointer8 weeks
German Shepherd8 – 12 weeks
Goldendoodle6 – 8 Weeks
Golden Retriever6 – 8 weeks
Great Dane12 – 16 weeks
Greyhound8 – 12 weeks
Husky 6 – 10 weeks
Irish Wolf Hound8 – 10 weeks
Jack Russell6 – 12 weeks
King Charles Spaniel6 – 8 weeks
Labradoodle4 – 6 weeks
Labrador8 – 12 weeks
Lakeland Terrier6 – 8 weeks
Lhosa Apso4 weeks
Maltese4 – 6 weeks
Mastiff8 – 12 weeks
Newfoundland4 – 6 weeks
Old English Sheepdog4 – 6 weeks
Pekingese4 – 8 weeks
Pomeranian4 – 6 weeks
Poodle – Mini4 – 6 weeks
Poodle – Standard4 – 6 weeks
Poodle – Toy4 – 6 weeks
Patterdale Terrier6 – 12 weeks
Pug4 – 6 weeks
Ridgeback12 weeks
Rottweiler8 – 10 weeks
Samoyed8 weeks
Schnauser – Mini4 – 6 weeks
Schnauser – Standard4 – 6 weeks
Scottish Terrier6 – 8 weeks
Shih Tzu4 – 6 weeks
Springer Spaniel6 – 8 weeks
Sprocker6 – 8 weeks
Sproodle4 – 8 weeks
St Bernard8 weeks
Staffordshire Bull Terrier10 – 12 weeks
Tibetan Terrier4 – 6 weeks
Weimaraner10 – 12 weeks
West Highland Terrier4 – 6 weeks
Whippet8 – 10 weeks
Wire Hair Vizsla6 – 12 weeks
Yorkshire Terrier4 – 6 weeks

Prices for each service are determined by breed type, condition of coat and temperament.

​For a quote, please call 01905 419 093 or email:

Please note, unfortunately if you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment it will not be possible to groom your dog and you will be asked to reschedule the appointment. Charges will apply.